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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Senior Leadership Team (SLT) 1 Mrs B. Lindquist (Head teacher)
Senior Leadership Team (SLT) 2 Mr M. Bennett (Deputy Headteacher)
Picture 1 Mrs C. Hughes (ALNCo)
Picture 2 Miss J. Stickney (Head of Foundation)
Picture 3 Mrs A. Evans (SLT Member)
Picture 4 Mr G. John (SLT Member)


Teachers 1 Mrs E. Morris (Year 6)
Teachers 2 Mr G. John (Year 6)
Teachers 3 Mrs A. Evans (Year 5)
Teachers 4 Miss E. Woolley (Year 5)
Teachers 5 Miss. N. Alexander (Year 4)
Teachers 6 Mrs A. Warr (Year 3)
Teachers 7 Miss J. Gilmore (Year 2)
Teachers 8 Miss A. Hughes (Year 1 & Year 3)
Teachers 9 Mrs R. Pullen (Reception)
Teachers 10 Miss. J. Stickney (Year 2)
Teachers 11 Mrs C. Young (Nursery)
Teachers 12 Mrs C. Hughes (Infant Resource Provision)
Teachers 13 Mrs D. Quilter (Year 1) (secondment 2017-2019)
Teachers 14 Mrs H. Penlington (Year 3)
Teachers 15 Mrs C. Heeley (PPA Cover)

Support Staff

Support Staff 1 Mrs M. Jones
Support Staff 2 Mrs M. Johnson
Support Staff 3 Mrs L. McGuinness
Support Staff 4 Mrs J. Dewhurst
Support Staff 5 Miss F. Hulse
Support Staff 6 Mrs T. Waring
Support Staff 7 Mrs T. Davies
Support Staff 8 Miss. C. Henderson

Also working with us:

  • M. Bythell
  • L. Jones
  • J. Leslie
  • S. Bailey
  • V. Mooney
  • D. Roberts
  • M. Davies
  • J. Roberts
  • A. Jaggard
  • S. Hughes
  • R. Purchase
  • M. Leicester
  • S. Daly
  • L. Evans
  • H. Wynne Williams
  • K. Jackson
  • G. Redgrave
  • C. Mannion
  • J. Williams

Office and Ancillary Staff

Office and Ancillary Staff 1 Mrs J. Williams (Office Manager)
Office and Ancillary Staff 2 Mrs N. McConville (Administrative Assistant)
Office and Ancillary Staff 3 Mrs C. Jones (Administrative Assistant)
Office and Ancillary Staff 4 Mrs D.Foster (Wellbeing Mentor)
Office and Ancillary Staff 5 Mr P. Palmer (Caretaker)
Office and Ancillary Staff 6 Mrs D. Williams (Head Cook)