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Curriculum Overview Summer




Term and Topic


How does your garden grow?


Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside






Children will be conversing simply about their surroundings, both inside and out.     

Phonics practise through actions and songs.                                                            

Children will be encouraged to follow simple instructions.                                                 

Role play will be supported in order to promote self-expression.

Children will continue to be encouraged to differentiate between the print and pictures.

To respond appropriately to stories read to them.

Children will be 'writing' letters to the relevant characters in the stories we share

Younger children will be encouraged to 'draw' and 'mark make' using a preferred hand



Children will be developing their ability to respond appropriately to key vocabulary and questions – e.g. long, longer, longest etc.

Patterns will also be experimented and explored

Children will also develop making pairs.

To continue to build their familiarity of numbers 1-5 and counting up to five objects reliably.

Knowledge & Understanding

Children will be developing their confidence in finding their way in familiar surroundings both inside and out of the classroom.

Creative Development


Using instruments, children will be encouraged to explore a range of sound sources and experiment with making sounds including shaking, striking and scraping.

Also the children will use contrasting actions of travel, jump, land and holding still positions as he/she moves imaginatively.


Children will continue to use incidental and appropriate language and develop their use of numbers through songs and activities.

Reinforcement of snack table choices will continue.


With sports day coming up during the end of this term, the children will be practising their control over their large body movements, catching a large ball using a chest catch and to listen to instructions.

We will also be continuing to practise 'tripod grip' through activities in the classroom e.g. patterns in the sand tray to begin pattern forming for letters.


The Creation Story


Develop turn taking skills during discussions and the ability to share resources in the classroom.

The children will also be further encouraged to express in simple terms, how they feel about issues arising in the stories we share.